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        Association Members

        Our association members include operators, exploration industry representatives and contractors, representing a large cross-section of the Manitoba mining industry.

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        Mineral Exploration

        Mineral exploration is the lifeblood of the mining industry. Finding replacement mineral deposits is critical to the future of the mining industry.

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        For Public Comment

        Various issues affecting our industry will be posted here when public comment comes available. See what's happening now here.

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        $2.3 Billion

        Estimated production value in Manitoba

        3,100 Jobs

        Our industry's average number of employees

        Exciting Opportunities

        Interested in a Career in Mining?

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        Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Champions Announced

        59th Manitoba Provincial Mine Rescue Competition Champions Announced

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        Mining Industry Human Resource Council Launches Online Learning Module - A Free Course on Indigenous Awareness

        The Mining Industry Human Resource Council (MiHR) has created an online learning module to provide free and accessible training for all to access.

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